Another could-be productive day gone to waste

Sitting in the midst of a conglomerated mess of assessment outlines and article readings, wishing to be teleported to a cosy cafe in Berlin or Paris. Mid semester break begins this Wednesday for me, although I tell myself that I cannot appreciate the partial break until I submit my two assessments due on Sunday and Tuesday respectively.

I have been scrolling endlessly on Tumblr, my post procrastination addiction kicking in… 5 and a half weeks of uni has already passed, and although I love how quickly first semester is swinging by, Im also feeling a bit gloomy if you could call it that. I’m only studying two subjects this semester, because my third subject (Genocide studies) only went on for one day, the same day as my Introduction to Journalism lecture which my lecturer vowed was integral to participation. So two days of uni doesn’t seem like a lot right, heck, it sounds like a total bludge. But the workload is definitely overwhelming with the minimum 9 pages per article (3 per subject) including weekly submissions and our major essays (2500+ words).

Because of all this, the majority of the course is spent working independently, researching your own material and creating pieces that are self-taught. And yea, initially thinking about this process, I would’ve thought it would satisfy my needs. I love my alone time, being able to roam the internet and watch episodes upon episodes of My Kitchen Rules or Dance Moms, delving into a good book, listening to music and sipping green tea. Yet, it also means that I tend to get very easily distracted and end up not being productive at all. I suddenly have all this free time which makes my schedule prone to leaving my work till the next hour (which leads to the next day, and then the next week) until it is the night before the deadline and I have to stay up until 4am working ferociously on my literature review. Sighs.

It also means that making friends is a struggling endeavour. I only see my fellow peers once a week during a two hour tute… so unless we have a group task assigned where we must meet during out of uni hours, finding friends is very difficult.

Anyways, as I’m writing this blog post, the minutes of the living room clock are ticking away mindlessly; a constant reminder that every word spilling out onto this page is another minute I could’ve spent working on my essay piece. I’m going to have a lunch break now (wow another procrastination), make some tea and then come back to this table feeling refreshed and invigorated, play some celtic music to set the mood and get down to business in perfecting this killer essay.

Here’s a link to my favourite study tunes that always brings me back to productive mode.


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