Models steal the runway

This past month, my infatuation with fashion and style has accumulated greatly, and I have a new renowned ‘energy’ that has made me more passionate and inspired with the fashion realm of glitz and glamour. In particular, my enthusiasm towards fashion runway shows and seasonal catwalks showcasing themes ranging from modern androgyny to 1950’s elegant and conservative styles are what have caught my interest and sparked my new founding flair in attuning to the beauty of the fashion design industry.

My sudden captivity towards this phantasmagorical wilderness of clothing, jewellery and accessories broadcasting has also brought my attention to many models. In my opinion, a great runway model is a person who’s personality flairs within their stone glazed looks as they strut solemnly down the stage, revealing as much beauty and individual-ness as the attire they are representing. Here is a list of my all time favourite models who have captivated my attention and enthralled me through their charm and wit and hence highlighted the shows they were modelling in.

1. Magdalena Frackowiack 


Known by Tumblr enthusiasts as the ‘ice queen’ through her intense gaze that pierces your soul, Magdalena is my all time favourite model with all the right combination of sass and elegance. This Polish model began her stardom in 2006 when she began appearing on international runways. What I love about her is that she has the most personality and attitude that borders on rude and narcissistic yet she can get away with it through her charming smile thats equal parts deathly and vulnerable.

2. Taylor Marie Hill


Taylor is without a doubt, the definition of a jaw-dropping, head-turning, eye-grabbing stunner. Her crystal coloured eyes encased with the most rich colour of turquoise blue is enough to make anyone melt. The baby-faced supermodel first caught my attention in the Victorias Secret Fashion show in 2014.  Taylor is known for her innocent and down to earth personality and is one of those rare beauties who doesn’t have a raging ego who flaunts around acting Queen Bee.

3. Abbey Lee Kershaw


Something I didn’t realise until very recently, Abbey is an Australian model, actress and musician who was dubbed a supermodel in 2011. As you can kind of observe by now, I have an infatuation with fresh faced models who have that adorable yet sophisticated look. And that’s exactly what Abbey is. Her doe like eyes give that beautiful baby doll faced look and she is one of the few models who always seems to have boundless energy, parading behind the scenes of fashion shows and always has a witty joke in her pocket. That being said, she is very professional in the sense that she can switch on and suddenly, this mature preppy lady appears before you, gazing at you with curious intent.

4. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Would you believe me if I said (or type in this case) that this blonde bombshell is half American and HALF PALESTINIAN?! Gigi was brought up in the Hollywood limelight through her reputable parents, (Mohamed Hadid and Yolanda Foster), so, she definitely had an advantageous platform through the anchoring of her parents. Starting from a young age, she became the face of Gucci for Children and from then on, her success has spurred through various other supermodel runway shows. Gigi’s life is my pure aspiration… she has a beautiful closely knit group friends (who are of course equally as breathtaking as her), a large loving family and through her young age has already accomplished so much. Being the same age as me (19), I idolise any successful candidate who has their future sorted by loving what they do, and being able to live comfortably off it.

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