Maybe high-school wasn’t so bad after all

Soooo.. Yesterday’s reuniting with my high school brought back tonnes of memories. Crystal (my best friend from high school) and I realised how much we’ve actually matured in the past two years from graduating by comparing our former high school self’s thoughts and desires to today’s state of mind. Oh the innocence of centering our whole lives back then on petty school issues.

We spoke to our old year 12 coordinator and other teachers (junior english/drama teacher, music teacher, school uniform lady and Social business teacher) we bumped into along the way. All in all, high school seemed decades away, and so menial and trivial compared to our lives today. Our whole worlds back then revolved around who had the latest iPhone 4s, who owned the latest nikes and which girl was first to get their cartilage pierced. I mean, it was lovely that we didn’t really have any real stresses about earning a job or getting kicked out of school if we failed a semester.. And the teachers actually cared (or were forced to) and followed up on you if you were late in submitting your homework. What I miss most is the tight knit community of my classes, staff and school together. I miss lazy last day periods on a summers day where the teachers would leave the lights off and we’ll watch an informative DVD and text each other behind our bags, planning our after-school meetups with boys. I miss the school assemblies where we would gather as a cohort and sing the school song in unbalanced harmony and giggle as a nervous girl stumbled when receiving her award. I miss recess and lunch times and chatting about tv shows, celebrities and latest gossip. I miss being able to have casual conversations with teachers we saw every single day, with staff members who we’d have to be civil with every morning, glancing at the new year 7’s in disdain, thinking how small and immature they get every year upon arrival and how much wiser we as seniors are. Everything back then was so care free. I’d come home, snack and watch the after-school special kids shows, then wonder what’s for dinner or what our next family trip would entail. Family back then always came first, and I loved them so so much because I was young and didn’t yet grow up and realise their perils and how opposing our viewpoints are now that I’ve discovered my own thoughts on issues and beliefs.

I miss running out of school and skipping legal studies to get Menya in the city with my best friend, school excursions where we would mingle with the public and shorten our dresses specifically for that occasion . I miss main classes and reading and highlighting and that’s all we would do for a period. I miss school events such as Multicultural day and carnivals (ironically enough as during hs, i would find it so intolerable that i would rarely attend) where mufti days and dress up occasions caused such pain and hassle as your outfit displayed where you belonged in the hierarchy of belongingness. Yes, hs was a pain and I suffered a lot especially during my junior years. But now, only two years later and I can look back and find it all nostalgic and meaningful? If I were to go back in time I would redo a term or maybe 2.. just to relive that sense of family community. It wasn’t all happy days, definitely not, but at the end of the day, we didn’t all hate each other (well not too much anyways) and the teachers and your friends cared about you, and you relied on constant support and dependence. the total opposite of what you’re expected to today.

walking through the school grounds during lunch hours, and over-hearing bits of conversations, Crystal and I laughed as memories of entering school 5 days a week, 6 hours a day flooded back. Canteen lines sensored our smell and we wished we could buy just one final tuna pasta and caramel slice. Library days filled with pestering library monitors and juniors hurling for the computers to stalk boys on Facebook made us smile at our once lived innocence. Hallways littered with rows of lockers and passing through classrooms made us nostalgic as emotions of stress, embarrassment and adventure rushed back. Heck, even the smell of school of sunshine, old textbooks and sporty deodorants lingered, as though it was 2013 all over again. And my god, how young the students look. To think that we were once that small ..

I’m 19 and I already feel as though I’ve aged so much since graduation. Sigh* I have uni today at 12-5 starting my first official journalism subject and I cannot be more excited. I’m also nervous and I hope that I don’t make a public fool of myself. Then after Im catching the bus home with my beautiful boyfriend who now means as much as my family once did and is without a doubt my single handedly form of happiness and liveliness.

I hope to all you beautiful people still in highschool, treasure every single, and I know that everybody tells you this and if someone told me all this two years ago I would roll my eyes all the way back into my skull because I just couldn’t wait to leave the prison school gates of terror and start my life as a grown up. Yes it sucks tremendously , but I can guarantee you that every single moment, you will remember even the smallest most minuscule days. Heck, i even remember my classroom numbers and lockers! You will look back in the very near future and realise that yes highschool was memorable.

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