♡ February Favourites ♡

They say that if you want to choose a month where everything and anything goes wrong, choose February, as it is the shortest month of the year. That being said, the month of Feb has come and gone in a whirl, marking the end of the Summer holidays where I have eased my diet and snacked relentlessly on ice-cream; a sudden temptation I’ve been gravitating towards…But as they say, we all have our bad days/months, so here’s to me hoping that March brings out the inner health-crazed goddess I aspire to become.

Here’s everything I have been loving throughout the past month:


The Quay Sunglasses


My best friend and I had been OBSESSING over holographic lenses that give off a funky edge to any drastically simple outfit. (It’s also very practical in the sense that you can let your eyes wander without the discernment of people catching you in the process). And the clear rims are what I love the most, allowing the sunglasses to make a statement on it’s own. I have received numerous compliments at uni today from these babies being perched on top of my head as a hair accessory and I must say, it has caught the eyes of many.

Metallic Lovisa Earrings:


Spontaneous evening get-together’s are always never a disappointment, but deciding on what outfit to suit the occasion never ends well. My number tip is simple outfit compiled with statement accessories. And these modern minimalistic gems are perfect to suit a simple face and outfit look. I was never one to associate myself with long, dangly earrings as I always imagined them suited towards women over the age of 30. But after catching these at half price at Lovisa jewellery ($6.95) I suddenly envisioned a futuristic retro inspiration and snagged the deal. The geometric print and sleek silver shine reverts any misconceptions that oversized earrings is reserved only for the baby boomers. And it’s safe to say that these are going to quickly become my Autumn fashion essential.

Princess Polly Sequinned Skirt:


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend… and although most of us aren’t dripping in wealth, it’s safe to say that sparkly, shiny things come pretty darn close. Which is why I am obsessed with this black sequinned skirt from Princess Polly this past month. It is such an imperative staple piece as it’s so malleable to incorporate into a casual outfit look. You can’t see the bottoms but I’m actually pairing it with my white converses and a simple baby pink cropped top. The perfect combination from the get-go.


Covergirl 3-in-1 Foundation:


Okay…if you haven’t heard of this product what have you been doing for the past year! I was first introduced to this holy-grail item mid last year and since then, my life has been changed forever (economically and physically). I have saved SO MUCH money by replacing this drugstore branded foundation over Mac and Benefit, and the coverage works exactly the same;medium to full coverage. And being a citizen from the land down under, beauty prices are as scorchingly high as our Southern sun so it’s so refreshing to be able to hold a decent beauty product that’s actually worth it’s value.

Mac’s ‘Saint Germain’ Lipstick:


I’m all about those brightly toxic colours every girl needs in their life and Mac’s Saint Germain lipstick really nailed the spot. Apply it over moisturised lips and nothing goes wrong. Sometimes if I’m running late, or just cannot be bothered to spend another tiresome day carefully applying makeup on me, a dash of this baby and I’m out the door. I also love to dab just a bit in the centre and spread it naturally over the course of my lips for that fresh lip-kissed glow to freshen my face. It’s the perfect pink lipstick for any girly girl.


SONG-10 bands-Drake:


My style in music is something that most people don’t normally associate myself with. I love hip-hop and RnB, and as the saying goes the bigger the drop of the beat, the better the whole tune is. Drake is one of my FAVOURITE artists and I have had his song ’10 band’ on repeat religiously throughout February. Definitely check it out, and definitely wear earphones and play the song on full blast for full effect.

FILM-50 Shades Of Grey:


I know what you might be thinking….is she serious? Condoning sexual abuse and physical and emotional harassment? I read E.L. James book 2 and a half years ago, and was enticed about the whole deeply disturbed protagonist Christian Grey’s story-line. And on Valentines Day, I lured my boyfriend to see this infamous film, with the knowing intention that i was going to be disappointed. They always say that novels are better than films, and although it was true in this case, it was only slightly disappointing. The characters and depiction of the mood seemed to serve the controversial novel justice. To me, it isn’t a story/film focused on Christian’s Grey obsessive behaviour and physically assaulting tendencies. It’s a story of love and evolvement. You see so much character development throughout the storyline as Christian transforms from a deeply reserved and hostile human, incapable of loving due to his terrible childhood to a nurturing and emotional lover who is willing to sacrifice his old life (and strange fetishes) all in the expense of keeping Anastasia by her side. And for those who say that Anastasia was a victim, I disagree otherwise. To me, in both the novel and film, Christian makes it VERY clear what his intentions are, repeatedly telling her that he is not worthy of her and to leave before it’s too late. You see a distressed boy who has been told all his life that he is a monster with no heart. He shows her the Red Room, a deeply intimate section of his private life and states that he understands if she leaves without explanation. And for most of the physical scenes, it is ironically Anastasia who warrants permission, hoping in an attempt to understand what this man thinks in the inner crevices behind those intense eyes. And in a society where we are desperately trying to strive for acceptance no matter your sexual, religious, physical up-bringing, I find it ironic that so many critics view Christian simply as a demonic abuser without any interest in delving into why he ended up like this.

Iphone 5 Panda Case:


And last but certainly not least, this adorable munchkin of a phone case that I received as a Christmas present from my brother has definitely been a favourite of mine. It has saved my life countless times due to my buttery fingers where I have dropped my phone from the bathroom floor, train-station platform and whilst walking. The rubbery cover has protected the exterior of my beloved phone dearly and with a smile like that greeting me every time I check my updates/notifications on my phone, it’s hard not to smile back.

And those are my current February favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving currently or in the past month, because I’m a curious individual and would love to find out what other’s from around the world have been obsessing over.

Till next time

Xx Steph xX


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