Weekly Wardrobe.

February is coming to a near end, marking the official end of the Summer break holidays, and oh what an extraordinary series of 4 months it has been. The highlights definitely included my boyfriend and I’s one year anniversary, basking under the great Southern sun at Vaucluse beach Sydney and ending it with a romantically lit dinner at the Wharf, Christmas with my cousins, my 19th, clubbing with friends and of course, marking my boyfriend’s house as my official second home with all the countless lazy days we spend lounging around watching anime films and eating pizza.

To accompany the beginning of the gloomy Autumn season, I have decided that the ‘black on black’ trend is surely appropriate.   It’s forever the style of sophistication with a hint of effortless. It represents the dullness of ‘uni-season’ without looking too much the part of a soured teen.


If attending some uni/work related social work, I advise to stick to this trend of black glamour. Add a dash of bright lipstick or a pop colour through your accessories and you will be portrayed as the chic college girl who’s ‘cool, calm, collected’ and was on the verge of attending some other exotic party but thought better to arrive here.


My last outfit appears on the opposite spectrum of my style closet. And 2015 to me is exactly that, utter and sheer diversity. Vibrant colours with simple bold patterns cannot fault. Maybe it was all the anime films I viewed these holidays (Hayao Miyazaki   is a Godsend), but I simply fell in love with this oversized shirt from Princess Polly. I felt like a walking-talking anime story bursting with kawaii-ness ^_^



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