25 Questions.

I have written a whole list of potential blog articles that I have planned to write about.. so I’m really excited to announce that =) keep an eye out in the very near future! But as for now, I am sitting here sipping on Camomile tea out of regret for consuming nearly half a large pack of Thins Salt and Vinegar Chips (so much for my 2015 resolution to maintain a healthy and balanced diet…) answering the 25 qs tag i stumbled upon via Tumblr . Answering questions about myself is somewhat therapeutic to me…I don’t know exactly how or why, but a wave of nostalgia always arises whenever I describe my current passions or share stories about my childhood. Or maybe it’s because I’m studying to be a journalist and it’s nice to be able to be on the answering end of the agenda, showcasing my thoughts and recollections as though I have something poignant to say. who knows.

WHAT IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME? Sadly I don’t have one
WHAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE SUBJECT AT SCHOOL? Ancient History and English and a rare case for aspiring bloggers, but I also really enjoyed maths. Maybe it was because of the endless stream of tutoring I was bound to from a young age by my mother, or just the asian genes i inherited from her, but I always found maths to be pretty smooth running despite the perilous calculations i had to endure.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE DRINK? Iced mochas (White particularly), teas (warm or iced) and water
WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SONG AT THE MOMENT? Just a picture -Kyle ft Kehlani
WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD? anything Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese and all kinds of soups
WHAT IS THE LAST THING YOU BOUGHT? Besides food probably a top from Paddy’s markets that read ‘Vogue never disappoints’
FAVOURITE BOOK OF ALL TIME? This is hard as I haven’t considered this in a while, but the novel that always pops up was a few years ago called ‘The lost and forgotten languages of Shanghai’.
FAVOURITE COLOUR? Blacks and whites
DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS? No but I’m in desperate want of a dog (pug, sausage dogs, labradors, huskies, german shephards UGHH THE PAIN IN MY HEART RIGHT NOW)
FAVOURITE PERFUME? Bright Crystal-Versace that i received as a gift from my boyfriend
FAVOURITE HOLIDAY? Valentines (is that considered a holiday?) and Christmas
HAVE YOU EVER BEEN OUT OF THE COUNTRY, IF SO HOW MANY TIMES? I’ve only been to China (Shanghai and Beijing) and I lost count as i visited there many times as a child.
DO YOU SPEAK ANOTHER LANGUAGE? Basic Shanghainese to my family there and I can understand Mandarin if-you-speak-slowly-and-accentuate-every-accent-with-careful-and-extra-pronounciation—-
HOW MANY SIBLINGS DO YOU HAVE? one; a 14 year old brother
WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SHOP? Clothing stores would have to be Kookai and Bardot but in general, atm I’m really delving into the stereotypical writer/blogger theme who favours strolling through markets, unique stores for home decor inspirations and random stores that sell assortments of clothes, artworks and quirky gifts.
FAVOURITE RESTAURANT? Gioia, a cute traditional Italian restaurant in Italian that serves mouth-watering oven baked pizzas.
WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Probably 2 nights ago lol
FAVOURITE BLOG? themessyheads =)
FAVOURITE MOVIE? Ooh..I’m a film fanatic so I can’t possibly know the answer to that one as my current favourites are forever changing, but classics that will always be instilled in my mind are Titanic, the Notebook, The theory of everything and American History X.
FAVOURITE TV SHOW? I have a guilty pleasure of watching so called ‘crappy’ tv shows so please refrain from negative comments; Dance Moms, Revenge, Keeping up with the Kardashians (i can already hear you squirming in angst), Celebrity Apprentice, Masterchef (successfully completed the whole series both Australia and the US), Bates Motel, Pretty little liars, Modern Family and Big Brother AU.
HOW TALL ARE YOU? 168 if I’m correct?
CAN YOU COOK? Basics yes, my forte is wanton noodle soup and tuna pasta XD

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