2015… A fresh new start ^_^

If you are reading this then you have successfully stumbled upon my blog. Congratulations!

I’m really very awkward with introductions both in real life and through social media so let’s just get through the brief get-to-know-me part and move on to some real blog posts =)

My name is Stephanie and I am 19 years old from Sydney (born and bred).

My nationality is Chinese, German and Polish and I’ve only travelled to China (Shanghai and Beijing). One day I am hoping to visit Poland where my aunty currently resides to visit her in her cosy cottage as we sip on traditional coffee in front of a fireplace and discuss journalistic aspirations, dreams and listen to her stories.

My blog expresses my mood towards certain periods of time, so don’t be surprised by my sudden changes in my style of blogging.

One of my all time fav quotes is ‘success is the best revenge’ and i aim to become a successful, independent person who can look back and be proud of my achievements and the way I drove my life.

Currently in my second year of uni studying Bachelor’s of Journalism. I am literally so excited to continue my studies purely because I feel physically and emotionally prepared to continue to pursue my studies that will designate me in the right direction of my future. Physically in the sense that my marks have been improving since my first semester last year and am getting used to the pressures of the assessment routine, and emotionally because I am now familiar with the lifestyle of uni and how the tutorials and lectures run. (TMI..perhaps)

In terms of goals and resolutions, I wish total happiness and success with the relationships I have with my family (something I didn’t consider last year), my boyfriend and friends and future friends that come up along the way.

I love to read although most people are oblivious to it due to the fact that I always read in complete solitude and never really felt the need to tell them until they visit my house and see the rows and rows of booked lined and piled up in my room. HA. This year I am going to focus on reading classic literature to expand my reading experience as well as gain a more somewhat insightful and expansive span of knowledge. I also love to listen to music with both headphones in, to drown out reality and enter a realm where there are no problems in life. One of my all time goals is to travel to someplace exotic and completely surreal (with my boyfriend as companion) such as Rome, Paris or Tokyo and just soak myself into a completely new culture where no one knows about your past, who you are and where traditions and customs are foreign from what I’m used to. I want to taste new foods, breathe the different air and experience the vast cultures in this great realm we live in. I want to live in the moment and act repulsively that leads me to an adventure that I could only reinact in my mind later on. I dunno… I just really want to escape for a short period of time and explore and live in the moment.

I also want to start becoming more independent (socially and financially) and earn enough money to move out of my chaotic home where I don’t have to conform to my parent’s rigid rules and aspirations they have for me. Hopefully by the time i am 21 I will already have moved out and be depending mostly on myself.

If you want to ask me anything or simply want to chat, don’t hesitate to pop up (seriously, just say hi or tell me about your day and i will genuinely message you back and start a conversation). xx


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