Month: February 2015

Weekly Wardrobe.

February is coming to a near end, marking the official end of the Summer break holidays, and oh what an extraordinary series of 4 months it has been. The highlights definitely included my boyfriend and I’s one year anniversary, basking under the great Southern sun at Vaucluse beach Sydney and ending it with a romantically lit dinner at the Wharf, Christmas with my cousins, my 19th, clubbing with friends and of course, marking my boyfriend’s house as my official second home with all the countless lazy days we spend lounging around watching anime films and eating pizza. To accompany the beginning of the gloomy Autumn season, I have decided that the ‘black on black’ trend is surely appropriate.   It’s forever the style of sophistication with a hint of effortless. It represents the dullness of ‘uni-season’ without looking too much the part of a soured teen. If attending some uni/work related social work, I advise to stick to this trend of black glamour. Add a dash of bright lipstick or a pop colour through your accessories …

If It’s Not Okay Then It’s Not The End.

Am currently sitting against the sofa with my headphones in full blast listening to ‘Celtic Dream’ from Lord Of The Dance and am in such a trance of tranquility and meditative presence that I decided to write another article proclaiming the importance of self-love, self-belief and self-sacrifice. Maybe it’s the nostalgia sinking in because this heavenly piece was the song I grew up with, from the age of 3 where I would dance in front of the tv box and mimic the tap/ballet dancers as they floated across the stage almost like angels swirling hypnotically in heaven. Or maybe I’m just a bored, sappy 19 year old who has nothing better to do than attempt to sound wise and educate the cyber-world on the brevity of existence and pursuit of self-discovery through my antagonising didacticism. So basically, my life right now would seem pretty much perfect, I have an adoring boyfriend who treats me like a Queen, I’m studying a uni course which I absolutely enjoy, have a part-time job as an english tutor and …

♥ 20 Makeup Related Questions ♥

Do you remember your first makeup item? ♥ Probably my vanilla-balm lip smacker ! Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications? ♥ The Benefit ‘They’re real’ mascara gives such a thickening and lengthening effect without it clumping and leaving hard, gritty bits as the day passes. What kind of coverage do you prefer from foundation? ♥ I love full-coverage; even if you have a perfect skin day and think you don’t need to conceal anything, just dab the teeniest bit and you’re ready to face the day (no pun intended). Favourite high end brand? ♥ MAC, Dior, and Addicted2too faced What cosmetic brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t? ♥ Bobby Brown and Chanel are on the top agenda for me =) Favourite drugstore brand? ♥ I love Loreal and Maybelline Do you wear fake eyelashes? ♥ Only for special events/occassions Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without? ♥ Concealer, lipbalm and brown eyeliner What is your most cherished beauty product? ♥ …


Nothing more satisfying than a healthy salad of sweet pumpkin, quinoa, poached chicken, goji berries and beans with a Lavender fennel green tea topped with sugary deep-fried cronuts. At least I tried being healthy and sustaining my nutritious diet…at least I tried.

25 Questions.

I have written a whole list of potential blog articles that I have planned to write about.. so I’m really excited to announce that =) keep an eye out in the very near future! But as for now, I am sitting here sipping on Camomile tea out of regret for consuming nearly half a large pack of Thins Salt and Vinegar Chips (so much for my 2015 resolution to maintain a healthy and balanced diet…) answering the 25 qs tag i stumbled upon via Tumblr . Answering questions about myself is somewhat therapeutic to me…I don’t know exactly how or why, but a wave of nostalgia always arises whenever I describe my current passions or share stories about my childhood. Or maybe it’s because I’m studying to be a journalist and it’s nice to be able to be on the answering end of the agenda, showcasing my thoughts and recollections as though I have something poignant to say. who knows. WHAT IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME? Sadly I don’t have one WHAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE SUBJECT …

Future Home Decor Designs

I have always been interested in home decor designs, from browsing the endless walls of furniture in IKEA, to picking quirky finds in markets and stalls, home decor inspiration are just thrilling as it’s one step closer to moving out of this con-formative household… Here are just a few pictures of my latest inspirations, sticking to the minimalistic theme of blacks, whites and grey. I’m also really loving wide spaces, large windows and simplistic designs with pops of colour and a burst of patterned print.

Fave movies ^_^

Just a recollection of my fav movies of all time, which i highly recommend to all my beautiful followers 。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。 (just to let ya’ll know, if you haven’t yet figured it out, I’m obsessed with films, especially indie, romantic, horror, teen or produced prior the 20th century). in no particular order American history X Kill your darlings If I Stay The Theory of Everything The devil wears Prada The Maze runner 2 night stand Lucy Molly Maxwell Little birds (2011) the virgin suicides American beauty Thirteen Lost and delirious In Time Lucy LoveLace The BlingRing Home front Ginger and Rosa Gone An American Rhapsody The basketball diaries lost in translation My neighbor Totoro Lolita (1997 version) An education (2009) Dear John Flight plan Jon Don Palo Alto house at the end of the street titanic Mona Lisa Smile Coco before Chanel cruel intentions jawbreaker memoirs of a geisha Hick The black balloon 100 things i hate about you

2015… A fresh new start ^_^

If you are reading this then you have successfully stumbled upon my blog. Congratulations! I’m really very awkward with introductions both in real life and through social media so let’s just get through the brief get-to-know-me part and move on to some real blog posts =) My name is Stephanie and I am 19 years old from Sydney (born and bred). My nationality is Chinese, German and Polish and I’ve only travelled to China (Shanghai and Beijing). One day I am hoping to visit Poland where my aunty currently resides to visit her in her cosy cottage as we sip on traditional coffee in front of a fireplace and discuss journalistic aspirations, dreams and listen to her stories. My blog expresses my mood towards certain periods of time, so don’t be surprised by my sudden changes in my style of blogging. One of my all time fav quotes is ‘success is the best revenge’ and i aim to become a successful, independent person who can look back and be proud of my achievements and the …